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Adam Stone is a musical duo from Monterrey, Mexico formed by siblings Adam and Jimmy Stone. Their first discographic material consisting of 5 back to back singles including songs like “Everyday” and “Bright” reflected the clear hip-hop and alternative influence of Adam. However, after the inclusion of his little sister, Jimmy, on the drums, the two-piece managed to blend their already established hip-hop vibe with fuzzy and heavy guitar riffs alongside the thunderous and groovy drums, notorious on their tracks “Six-Headed Dragon” and “Do Your Friends Know?”. The two-piece band is following up their mixture of hip-hop and heavy rock, with their new single titled “The Poacher”.

With the likes of Royal Blood, Twenty One Pilots, cleopatrick, and Muse, not only in their musical style but in their stage presence, Adam Stone have performed at their hometown’s most important venues such as Cafe Iguana, La Tumba, Nandas 78. Including a couple of shows at Dogma Bar, Saltillo, and Foro Indie Rocks! in Mexico City, Uncommon Ground in Chicago, US opening for Em Grace and Lucas Jack. Allsop Arms in London, UK, and Univertisté Laval in Quebec, QC.

From Mexico to the rest of the world it’s your favorite ghost, Adam Stone.


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