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Adam Stone is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Monterrey, Mexico. Accompanied by his little sister Jimmy on the drums, Stone implements his distinguished blues influences with hip-hop and heavy rock rhythms. However, his first five singles, including “Everyday” and “Bright” are solely based on hip-hop. It was since the inclusion of his sister on the drums, the project morphed to a hip-hop and heavy rock ambient. His single “Everyday” has reached over 10k streams on Spotify.

Adam is well-known for his image and live shows, in which he wears a ghost blanket while singing and jumping around on stage, creating a thrilling experience that transmits powerful energy with his electric guitar, alongside the thunderous drums provided by his sister. He has performed in numerous venues in Monterrey, MX and Chicago, US, including his appearance at Manifest Urban Arts Festival 2019 and his opening act for two headliners at Uncommon Ground (Lucas Jack & Emma Grace). Adam presented his sweetest single “More Than Friends” at Université Laval in Québec, Canada, and played an open mic hosted at Allsop Arms in London, UK.

Nonetheless, aside from cultivating a rich and memorable performance, Adam Stone takes ascendancy from his mastery and experience at playing guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, bass, ukulele and his voice, to record all instruments in his songs while producing music in his bedroom.

From Mexico to the rest of the world it’s your favorite ghost, Adam Stone.


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